Review from Jason and Bonnie


July 2022

I cannot express how incredible this place is! I’ve been looking for a unique treehouse stay for my wife and I for a couple years now and I no longer need to look elsewhere. Treehouse Magic is everything you want in a unique glamping experience!

The amount of thought and detail that have been put into this place is unreal. Everywhere I looked I found something new and interesting to see. From the recycled material used to build it to all the decor throughout, Marni and Frank have gone the extra mile to ensure you have a magical experience. There are gnomes and ants, flowers and plants, hikes and games, & animals and flames; it truly is special.

If you are a seasoned camper, you’ll fit right in. If you’re new to camping (or glamping), you’re going to love it here. All you need is a pack of clothes and a cooler of food and drinks and everything else you need is readily available. For those that need to stay connected, the wifi is top-notch. I spent lots of time in Zoom calls during our stay without a hiccup. The house has solar power and several power banks you can leverage to stay topped up. There is also plenty of solar lighting and rechargeable lanterns to ensure you can see long into the night.

Marni and Frank are some of the most engaged, thoughtful hosts I have come across. They checked in regularly to see about our water and power needs and were extremely informative about how everything worked. I appreciate the time they took to give us a tour and answer our questions. They have poured love into this build and you can tell how much it means to them to share it with others. They also let us roam the property at our leisure to explore. Pro tip: take the short hike up the hill in the pasture to see the expansive views. Sunset was amazing!

I could go on and on about all the amazing things you’ll see and do here, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I’ll leave you with this:

Treehouse Magic is a treasure. My only regret is that as more people find out about this place, it will be harder to book for return visits. Thank you Marni and Frank for a wonderful stay!

-Review from Jason and Bonnie

Charlane, Andrew, Tracey


July 2022

This place was so magical and Marni and Frank took care of every detail. Instructions were easy to follow for my first glamping experience with my boys. What an absolute delight!! From petting the animals to the twinkling lights to snuggling up in a hammock under the trees, you simply can’t beat it!!!


July 2022


My wife, my two teenagers and myself just stayed for two nights at this property, and let me start be saying: it’s not a treehouse… in fact, it’s a ‘work of art’ masquerading as a treehouse!

What I mean is: it’s an absolutely INCREDIBLE place to stay. Goodness, we wish we’d booked longer!

Over the past twenty years I’ve rented a lot of vacation properties for my family, but I’ve never stayed in a place as fun as this. It truly is unique. Just look at the photos and read the other reviews! But to put it simply: it’s not just a place to stay. It IS a destination in it’s own right. Elizabeth, CO might not be a top destination – but this property should be considered one.

I could probably write a reeeeeally long review about all the property’s wonderful features and details, but some of the other reviews have already done that. And honestly, I don’t want to give too much away and spoil all the surprises! (Which is why I didn’t show my family any of the photos before arrival. Their smiles and delight on the first walk through: absolutely priceless!)

Instead, I’ll comment on Marni and Frank’s extraordinary ‘above-and-beyond’ hospitality. They were more welcoming, attentive, and determined to help us enjoy our stay than any other property owners we’ve ever stayed with. Our visit was to celebrate my wife’s birthday, and all the thoughtful birthday touches that Marni and Frank added were (literally!) the icing on the cake. “They made me feel so special,” my wife commented on the way home. What a gift to receive!

So… if you stay here, I bet you’ll be made to feel special too. And if you visit with a sense of fun and adventure, you’ll have an equally special time. No doubt about it.

Be clear: this isn’t a gleaming modern palace-of-a-rental with a massive kitchen etc etc… this quirky, fun, characterful, off-the-grid, masterpiece-of-a-treehouse is so so SO much better.

Because of our stay, we’re going to be smiling for weeks, and we have priceless family memories that will last FAR longer.

Thank you, Marni and Frank!


June 2022

What a fun place!!! We had an amazing weekend resting and playing on the property. Very well appointed, comfortable bed, lots to do right there and convenient to the grocery store.
-Charlane, Andrew, Tracey


Linda June 2022

This Treehouse Magic is just that. The gifts were in the details: fresh well water for drinking, hammocks perfectly situated under trees, meeting and feeding llamas, alpacas, and horses, painting in the mornings, and projector screen movies at night, raw honey for tasting, cornhole, tire swinging, horseshoe, darts, ping-pong, grilling, rocking chairs, and of course, the tree herself: Pal, a Ponderosa Pine who gently sways with the wind but is deeply rooted in her 80 years in that exact spot. Sweet memories were made and we left with the reminder of how beautiful it is to invest in something wholeheartedly– Marni and Frank put their hearts and souls into this project and you can feel it through every branch and twinkling light. We are grateful for them allowing us to step inside their dream for just a moment and awaking refreshed and smiling.

Jessi June 2022

Marni and Frank were absolutely wonderful! Their place was like a dream. It had everything that you could possibly want during a vacation. From corn hole to a projector, they thought Of everything! They even took time out of their busy days to make me feel welcome by allowing me to help feed their horses! They put their heart and soul into building this place and it shows. They add a personal touch to every stay with signs and cards. They are incredible people and this is a dream trip. I will definitely be coming back here!
-Jessi June 2022



June 2022

We had a quick, 2 day stay at the tree house and it was fabulous! No details were skimped or overlooked and it’s clear that Marni and Frank love the tree house and put themselves into building it.
There is a lot to learn, but they’ve made excellent videos to make it easy to understand. There are games, movies and endless possibilities for fun.
On top of that, Marni and Frank are both genuinely nice people that clearly want their
guests to have a great stay.
So if you’re looking for “glamping” with the lowest possible level of roughing it, I couldn’t recommend them more


You can expect a special experience! The home is a piece of love-filled artwork. You truly feel like you are staying in a piece of art. So much love, care, and intention has gone into this place. Every nook and cranny has something unique and useful placed in it.

It’s comfortable and all your need are met, while knowing you are off the grid. I love the outdoor space they have created – multiple sitting and eating areas, and a while outdoor living room set up. The birds in the trees, beautiful sunsets, horses in the pasture, and the comfort knowing Marni and Frank are nearby if you need anything – it’s just amazing.

My only regret is I did not have more time during the day to explore and enjoy the space.

Next time I am definitely bringing my kids – for whom this will be dreamland – and will take advantage of archery, the swings and hammocks, and maybe art projects!!

Truly an unexpected gem in Elizabeth!

June 2022